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There are various types of steel in the world and based on the chemicals composition the strength is determined hardox is one of them . Hardox comes in various grade eg : Hardox 400,450,500,600 in the form of sheets and plates.
This type of steel cuts down on weight and extends the service life of steel structure as compare to regular steel. The product made by hardox steel can be recycled into new strong and energy-saving materials. This type of steel can be used to make thinner plates because of its unique combination of properties such as toughness , hardness and strength.
In nineteen-eighties materials which were used to built machines did not give guarantee of required stability. In result, material consumption was severed and machine parts needed frequent improvement .This were the reason to start producing new steel from 1970 which were named hardox.


The Hardox steels are characterized mainly by the following features such as:-

→ High resistance to wear friction
→ Weldability
→ Good ductility
→ Machinability

The main disadvantage of hardox steel is low corrosion resistance which limit its application in aggressive environments.

Hardox achieves its high strength properties because of the appropriate compositon of alloying additives (low content of harmful elements such as S and P) at a relatively lower price as compare to other structural steel. Hardox steel differ depending on the species and plate thickness, carbon content and alloying elements (Ni, B, Cr, Mo, Mn).

Hardox 400

Hardox 400 is used for applications related to the extension of working hour and increasing capacity in such elements as loaders, bulldozers, buckets or trays. By quenching and tempering the required range of hardness (370–430 HBW) is achieved.

Hardox 450

Hardox 450 is used in many industries as a material for components in crusher, containers, sieves hoppers, dump trucks, excavators etc . Increasing the hardness to 425–475 HBW increase the durability of components as compare to hardox 400 up to 50%.

Hardox 500

Hardox 500 hardness depends on plate thickness so for 4–32 mm it is the range of 470–530 HBW and for (32)–103 mm: 450–540 HBW . It is used in flooring crushers and plow mixers . This steel have good weldability

Hardox 600

Hardox 600 steel have high resistance, toughness and ductility to impact loads, retaining the ability to bond metal plates by conventional welding methods. This steel is referred to as the “high-quality abrasion-resistant steel”. Hardox 600 is intended only for application connected with an abrasive wear of base material and is not dedicated to the typical structural applications as compare to other types of hardox


• Corrosion resistant
• Accurate dimensions
• Excellent finish
• Rust proof finish
• Reliable
• High performance

Usage & Application:

• Usefull in Paper & Pulp Companies
• Usefull in High Pressure Applications
• Usefull in Oil and Gas Industry
• Usefull in Chemical Refinery
• Usefull in Pipeline
• Usefull in High Temperature Application
• Usefull in Water Pipe Line
• Usefull in Food Processing and Dairy Industries
• Usefull in Boiler & Heat Exchangers